Consultant for LWF Strategy Development Process

LWF Strategy for the period 2025-2030

Last call for proposals: 30 June 2023

Currently there are no open calls for this campaign

LWF is seeking a consultant to support the development of its Strategy for the years 2025-2030. If you have strong experience in strategic leadership and planning, are familliar with the strategic planning of international NGOs and faith based organizations, and have strong coordination and communication skills, you might be the right person for us.


The current LWF Strategy will expire in December 2024 and a new strategy will be developed for 2025 to 2030. The Thirteenth LWF Assembly, which will take place in Krakow, Poland in September 2023, will be the starting point for developing the next LWF Strategy. The discussions, and especially the official Assembly resolutions and messages will be key elements in guiding the content of LWF’s work in the following years. The LWF Council is expected to approve the new LWF Strategy in its meeting in June 2024.

The current LWF Strategy has undergone a (mostly internal) review in 2022-2023 focusing on aspects of achievements, relevance, and effectiveness. The review also included some reflections on the implications of review findings for the next LWF Strategy. In that respect, the review concluded that:

  • The current Strategy remains relevant in large parts. It should therefore be considered to take the current Strategy as a starting point and think in terms of revisions and updates rather than a complete overhaul.
  • The next LWF strategy should be complemented with an intermediate (milestones) document. Such a document would serve as a management tool to connect the strategy with annual work planning, setting concrete targets and intended timelines for the period covered by the next strategic plan. While the elaboration of such an intermediate document is separate from the strategy development process, it is an important element to be considered in that process.

In parallel with the development of a new LWF Strategy, LWF World Service will conduct a review of its Global Strategy (planned for September 2023) and will work on a new/updated Global Strategy for 2025 onwards. The work on the World Service Global Strategy will be a separate process, which needs to be closely coordinated with the LWF Strategy development.

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