Closed Country Program

Rural communities rooted in agriculture

As the Lao People's Democratic Republic continues to grow economically, many challenges remain for the rural poor to realize fully some most basic rights: education, livelihoods, public health.

The growing population and recent land concessions are creating new threats for rural communities whose livelihoods are rooted in local agriculture. And while new trans-ASEAN highways have opened up these rural areas to increased communications and trade, such progress has also brought an increase in HIV cases.

What we’re doing in Laos

The LWF partners with rural communities to help them realize their full potential to develop in sustainable ways.

We do this primarily by facilitating relationships between key stakeholders like village committees, women’s groups, youth groups, and local governments.

We support these efforts with technical inputs and capacity development, particularly for organizing and monitoring projects. We also assist in the planning, renovation and construction of community infrastructure.

We are proud of our work in Laos, in part because our staff facilitators lived in the communities they serve.

LWF closed the program in 2022.

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