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Endowment Fund
Endowment Fund
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Gift of faith ❯

Support the LWF in our mission to help individuals and communities. Your contribution will be used where it is most needed.

Support humanitarian and development projects ❯

Help LWF World Service in our mission to empower people around the world. We will use your contribution where the needs are most urgent.

Support member churches ❯

Your donation enables LWF to support projects that strengthen churches’ capacity to serve people in need.

Support theology projects >

Help LWF in our mission to support projects and processes that strengthen the theological capacity of member churches and theological institutions around the world.

Invest in the Future ❯

Help the LWF continue making a difference in people's lives long into the future through the Endowment Fund. Your donation assures a strong, long-term future for the worldwide Lutheran communion.

Support COVID-19 response ❯

Your donation helps us prevent another crisis, which could have a devastating effect on the people we support. Your funds will only be used for COVID-19 response.

Payments ❯

Settle an invoice with the LWF, pay the membership fee for your church, the Assembly fee, or another referenced invoice. Please leave a message with the reference for the payment in the form below or send an email to

Financial Accountability

Find more information on the LWF finances.

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