Photo: Samuel Lopes/ Unsplash

Seven weeks for peace

LWF Lent campaign 2023

This lent, the LWF invites Lutheran churches worldwide to pray for peace in seven countries and regions worldwide. The hashtag #7weeksforpeace will highlight current emergencies and protracted conflicts and how the LWF responds and supports.

For the seven weeks of lent, The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) invites the communion of churches and ecumenical partners to join in prayers for peace. With the Lent campaign "Seven weeks for peace," LWF will offer prayers for seven crisis regions where LWF works. Photos and insights into humanitarian work in each area will supplement the prayers.

The campaign was launched on Ash Wednesday (22 February) with a prayer for peace in Ukraine. The beginning of Lent 2023 also marks the anniversary of the invasion of the Russian Federation in the country. From there, the campaign will move to Ethiopia and South Sudan, Colombia-Venezuela, Myanmar, Central Africa, the Middle East, and Haiti over the coming weeks.

The conflict in Ukraine has eclipsed the situation in many of these places in the past year. Hidden from mainstream media, the security situation declined, or conflicts resumed. In other areas, like Tigray and South Sudan, there is a struggle with upholding recently signed peace agreements. Through this lent, the LWF wants to give insights into the realities of people living in those countries and ways to support them.

Share with us your prayers using the #7weeksforpeace

Photo: Samuel Lopes/ Unsplash