LWF Visual Identity Guidelines

This user’s guide to the LWF visual identity introduced in June 2013 explains its theological dimensions and symbolism, and unpacks the elements of the LWF emblem.

It gives an overview of the logo types, the LWF color palette, typefaces and tagline, and departmental logos.

Gives detailed instructions on working with the LWF brand, including specifics on co-branding.

How to Use the LWF logo

Each logo language pack contains the standard logo and its horizontal variant, with or without the tagline “A Communion of Churches”, in vector format (.EPS) and in CMYK, Pantone spot color, greyscale and white-on-color versions (total: 48 files per language pack).


The “primary” or “parent” logo has the logotype placed beneath it, to the left. It may have an optional tagline “A Communion of Churches” placed beneath the logo type.

To cater to situations where there is limited vertical space, we have developed a secondary, horizontally oriented logo where the logotype is placed to the right of the emblem.

All logos are available in our official languages, as well as in the different official states.


The symbolism in our logo also is expressed through the colors that are used. Each color has its own function within this symbolism.

The four primary colors have been given names that express our faith and values.

The secondary color palette has been created to offer width and depth to our communication reflecting the width and depth of our communion. Secondary colors are support colors only and should not be used to color our logo. Nor should they be assigned to specific subjects, departments, offices or regions.


Unity throughout our visual identity is obtained by using one single typeface for all of our texts. The official typeface for all printed communications is: Trade Gothic Light. The Trade Gothic typeface can be purchased online.

In order to draw attention or highlight text elements, we are able to use Trade Gothic Bold No.2 or the italic members of the type family. These are called “Oblique.”

Our running texts (including this one) come in 100% black; titles – as shown above – come in our LWF commit grey or in its 86% black equivalent. For highlights and special treatments, another primary LWF color may be chosen – even in a percentage tint of the selected color.

In order to allow non-LWF parties as well to view communications such as email content or presentations created with Microsoft® Word or PowerPoint, we are allowed to use the Arial and Arial Narrow families.

Public texts will always be generated in the Trade Gothic family.

Download the LWF Logo

Editor: The Lutheran World Federation
Pages: 36
Publication date: September 2013
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish