The Lutheran World Federation Staff Code of Conduct

The Lutheran World Federation’s Staff Code of Conduct is intended to assist all staff as defined below under section II to uphold the values of the LWF and make ethical decisions in their professional and private lives, both within and outside office hours, and to better understand the obligations placed upon their conduct. This Code of Conduct refers to any misuse of power and exploitation in the relationships among staff and between them and those they serve. It offers guidance to promote safety, to ensure respect for the people with whom the LWF is in contact, to protect staff and the effectiveness, reputation and integrity of LWF’s work

The Complaint Form can be used to alert the LWF to an incident or a concern. All information shall be held securely and confidentiality shall be maintained at all times.

LWF Staff Code of Conduct Updated version February 2023
Editor: The Lutheran World Federation
Pages: 11
Publication date: February 2023
Languages: English, Deustch, Español, Français