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Welcome to the LWF Learning Platform. All resources are organized by broad themes each containing more specific topics. Feel free to use our search function to quickly find what you are looking for. Currently, we have published themes under Churches and the Sustainable Development Goals, Diakonia, Leadership, and Theology. Other themes such as Human Rights, Gender Justice, Ecumenism, etc. will be coming soon.

Topic: Public Theology Open-Access Resources

The lecture series in the open-access resource revolves around the topic of public theology and is the result of cooperation between the Berlin Center for Public Theology in Germany, the Beyers Naudé Center for Public Theology in South Africa, and the Lutheran World Federation. It brings together leading experts from all over the world delivering lectures on different aspects of public theology.

Recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic in various contexts, each lecture contains a presentation (both in video and audio formats) with accompanying slides, additional study material and supplementary reading. The lecture series was first offered to graduate students in Berlin and Stellenbosch; the series is part of the Lutheran World Federation learning modules but is also designed to benefit all students in areas where study material is hard to access and travel is difficult due to lack of funds or opportunities.

Currently, 8 sessions focusing on the concepts of public theology are published here. Further sessions about doing public theology: Issues, agents and practices will be coming soon.