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Welcome to the LWF Learning Platform. All resources are organized by broad themes each containing more specific topics. Feel free to use our search function to quickly find what you are looking for. Currently, we have published themes under Churches and the Sustainable Development Goals, Diakonia, Leadership, and Theology. Other themes such as Human Rights, Gender Justice, Ecumenism, etc. will be coming soon.

Topic: Conviviality – inspiration for a Diaconal Church

Since 2010, diaconal actors in LWF's member churches in Europe have been searching for ways to express the core meaning of diakonia in relation to increasing diversity and growing inequality in the European context. Over the past years ‘conviviality’ - the art and practice of living together  -  emerged as a new core concept for local diakonia. Conviviality focuses on everyday life and living together in solidarity provides a vision for transformative change, and develops theological ideas in practice.  Learn more about the concept and practice of conviviality and why it matters to the church.