Country Program

Since 2006 in Colombia and 2019 in Venezuela, the LWF Colombia - Venezuela program responds to various emergencies and needs caused by armed conflicts, natural disasters and migration in the territories.  

LWF supports the affected ethnic communities, peasants, migrants and local leaders. In 2023, the program helped 37,530 people gain access to safe drinking water, protection services, hygiene, health and education. LWF worked to prevent sexual and gender-based violence on the migration routes, and provided care to people affected by it. Likewise, it helped improve livelihoods, especially for people affected by anti-personnel mines. In addition, protection and social cohesion projects are being carried out in Colombia, using a community-based approach to foster a culture of peace and conflict transformation.  

In Venezuela, the country program works with local partners, supporting them in the analysis of the situation and in the implementation of a multi-sector response to the humanitarian crisis. 

Update: 12 February 2024

Comunidades de la vida - Communities of Life

LWF works with indigenous communities living by the Chocó river. During the rainy season, the river grows and floods the village, destroying water reserves and increasing the risk of water-borne diseases. The water displaces land mines and breeds mosquitoes, which transmit tropical fevers like malaria. It also destroys local freshwater reserves. LWF funded by the Church of Sweden and ECHO provided water tanks and mosquito nets and trained people in disaster risk reduction. Communities are supported in building structures of self-governance to easier support each other.

What we do in Colombia and Venezuela

Partners and donors

La Luterana

ACT Church of Sweden 

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America 

FHV (Fondo Humanitario Venezuela)

Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM) 

LWF German National Committee 


Swiss Confederation 

US Government (Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, PRM) 

Water for All 

World Food program (WFP) 

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for protection, food security and livelihoods
150 of them national staff
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