Diaconal life in diversity

Since 2010, diaconal actors in LWF's member churches in Europe, have been searching ways to express the core meaning of diakonia in relation to increasing diversity and growing inequality in society. How can we live together in peace and justice? And what does it mean for us to think of a diaconal church?

Over a period of time ‘conviviality’ - the art and practice of living together, emerged as a new core concept for local diakonia. The term conviviality describes the key task for diakonia and the identity of a diaconal church. Conviviality focuses on everyday life, living together in solidarity and provides a vision for transformative change.

Conviviality. Diaconal life in diversity.


“Searching for the Kingdom of God is an invitation to look for God working in the world and engaging in the development of this Kingdom.” Cross Congregation, Liepāja, Latvia.

Diakonia has always borrowed terms from the surrounding culture and discourse, just as has theology. In exploring how to express the core meaning of diakonia in relation to today’s challenges, a key concern is the response to the question: How can we live together?

Since 2010, diaconal activities among churches in the three LWF regions continue to affirm diversity, being open and making a contribution to public discourse and policy.