RBA Local to Global Annual Report 2022

Over the years, LWF has developed the Local to Global Rights-Based Approach (RBA). With this programmatic methodology, every rights-based or advocacy intervention is carried out as part of a clear and consistent logical framework, with activities at local, national and international level, grounded always in a particular country and locality.

The goal to realize concrete change guided by specific indicators at the local level is a way of holding ourselves accountable. When the entire local-to-global-to-local cycle works, its impact is visible in not just establishing people’s “right” to something but through them having the thing itself: actual good health, proper education, real opportunity, a healthy environment, economic security, and so on.

The 2022 annual report presents what has been achieved over the year in 10 countries at local, national and internal levels, thanks to the Local to Global Rights-Based Approach.

RBA Local to Global Annual Report 2022
Editor: Ophélie Schnoebelen
ISBN: 978-2-940642-56-4
Pages: 8
Publication date: September 2023