LWF World Service Annual Report 2022

For Hope and a Future

The Annual Report gives an overview of highlights of LWF World Service work in 2022. Featuring emergency response, livelihood, quality services, and protection work, it shows how the LWF through it's diaconal arm has been supporting vulnerable people in 28 countries worldwide. 

The report 2022 focuses on the livelihood work of LWF World Service. It includes a portrait of the outgoing country programs in Djibouti and Laos and celebrates the achievements in the Colombia and Jordan programs, that celebrated 20 and ten years respectively. A special section highlights the Ukraine response, as well as the work done at the Augusta Victoria Hospital. The report contains the audited financial report. 

LWF - World Service - Annual Report 2022
Editor: Cornelia Kästner-Meyer
ISBN: 978-2-940642-54-0
Pages: 60
Publication date: June 2023