LWF Annual Report 2021

Solidarity in challenging times

In 2021, the Lutheran communion continued its commitment to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and make a difference locally through service and witness. The LWF President and General Secretary jointly introduce the Annual Report 2021 and the work carried out under the theme “Solidarity in challenging times.” They invite readers to learn about this work and witness in a memorable year.”

The topics highlighted include the following:

  • Churches’ presence and vibrant witness
    • Assembly preparations and increased contacts with churches
    • Theological and leadership visions toward transformation  
    • New perspectives for practical ecumenical cooperation
    • Pillars of hope in times of need
  • Promoting human dignity, justice and peace
    • Growing faith-based action for justice
    • Upholding dignity during emergencies  
    • Empowering communities with skills and tools
  • Organizational sustainability and effectiveness
    • Deep commitment to lead the Communion of Churches  
    • Stable finances for long-term sustainability
    • LWF governance, leadership team and staff
LWF Annual Report 2021 – Solidarity in challenging times
Editor: Pauline Mumia
ISBN: 978-2-940642-38-0
Pages: 40
Publication date: June 2022