Identity, Survival, Witness. Reconfiguring Theological Agendas

These articles provide glimpses into the complex, intertwined struggles for identity and witness that the churches face in Asia. Much has been written about the need to contextualize theology in settings beyond those where Christian theological traditions have developed, and where the church is growing and/or facing challenges never imagined in the sixteenth century Reformation. Some of these multiple challenges and conflicting dynamics that churches face in such contexts is what the reader finds in this book.

Publisher: The Lutheran World Federation

Department: Department for Theology and Public Witness

Author/editor: Karen Bloomquist

Publication series: Theology in the Life of the Church

Number in publication series: vol. 3

Pages: 136

ISBN: 978–3–905676–63-1

Language(s): English

Identity, Survival, Witness. Reconfiguring Theological Agendas
Publication date: September 2008