COVID-19: Wear it, share it

27 Jul 2020
Wear it, share it. LWF embroidered protective face masks. Photo: LWF/S. Gallay

Wear it, share it. LWF embroidered protective face masks. Photo: LWF/S. Gallay

Donate to Rapid Response Fund, receive free LWF mask 

(LWI) - When the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) worsened globally in March and the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic, several governments requested or mandated that citizens wear protective masks in public in an attempt to flatten the spread of the virus.

The global health body and other health agencies promote the use of face masks, stating the transmission rate is lowered when everyone wears one.

The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) invites you to show solidarity with the communion of churches and care for your neighbor by wearing an LWF-branded mask the LWF “Wear it, share it” campaign (#LWFwearitshareit - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram).

The masks have been created by the Women’s Skills Training Center of Huria Kristen Indonesia (HKI), an LWF member church. The women’s center seeks to empower women in the community by enhancing their vocational capacities.

Receive 50-free LWF branded masks in blue, white or black when you donate EUR 500. For each additional EUR 10 donated above EUR 500 you will receive one additional mask. Donations less than EUR 500 will not receive free masks. 

Full donations go toward the LWF Rapid Response Fund. Your donation will help Lutheran churches in need. LWF pre-purchased the masks from the HKI women’s center. Supplies are limited.


Donate to COVID-19 relief


The Rapid Response Fund, launched in April, supports many of the communion’s member churches that are particularly vulnerable during the global health emergency. Upon approval of a project application, a church can receive a grant of up to EUR 5,000 from the global fund supported by LWF’s member church partners around the world.