Applications open for 2023 lay leaders seminar

10 Feb 2023

LWF is calling for applications to join its annual seminar on church leadership which be held in Geneva, Switzerland, and Wittenberg, Germany, in June. The deadline for applications is 20 February.


Lay leaders at the 2019 seminar

Lay leaders at the 2019 seminar assemble with their official certificates of participation at the Colleg Wittenberg, where the study sessions in Wittenberg took place. Photo: LWF Center Wittenberg/Annette Glaubig 

“Lutheran visions and values in church leadership”  

(LWI) –The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) is encouraging lay leaders among its member churches to submit applications for the “6th International Seminar for Lay Persons in Church Leadership Positions.” It will be held 18-27 June in Geneva, Switzerland, and in Wittenberg, Germany. 

The deadline for applying is 20 February. The seminar will include sessions focusing on the theme, “Lutheran visions and values in church leadership practice today - Inspiration from the Bible and Lutheran tradition.” Besides theological study and reflection on being a church leader, participants will learn about the LWF and its work, and the historical roots of the Lutheran faith and tradition. 

Heads of LWF member churches have been invited to share information about the seminar, especially with suitable women and young people in leadership positions. The final selection of nominated candidates is based on an equitable representation of all LWF’s seven regions, and on participation of 40 percent women, 40 percent men, and 20 percent youth.  All applications must be endorsed by a church leader.  

LWF began the annual series of seminars in 2017 to accompany its member churches in strengthening capacity for various ministries and the church’s role in serving society. It is conducted by the Communion Office in collaboration with the LWF Center in Wittenberg, Germany. 

There is also more awareness and understanding about values that underpin the Lutheran communion.

– Rev. Dr Samuel Dawai, LWF Regional Secretary for Africa

Many past participants have shared how the seminars have been a source of inspiration for leadership, noted Rev. Dr Samuel Dawai, LWF Regional Secretary for Africa, who will be one of the facilitators.  "This includes deeper understanding of the biblical principles of leadership. There is also more awareness and understanding about the values that underpin the Lutheran communion such as respect for human dignity, promoting justice in the areas of gender, human rights and care for creation, as well as inclusion, participation and accountability," he added.   

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last two seminars were held online. 

LWF/P. Mumia