Retreat of newly-elected church leaders

8 Sep - 16 Sep 2017
Invitation Only
Time: 11:30 - 20:00 | GMT+02:00

Lutheran church leaders discern together about leadership and learn from each other

Bishops and presidents from LWF’s regions discern and learn together about the communion’s work, the role of individual church leaders and how to support one another.

The 2017 retreat of recently-elected leaders brings together heads of churches—bishops and presidents—from across the LWF regions, and is the third in a series that was begun in 2015. Through presentations, group discussions and visits to other organizations in Geneva and Wittenberg, the participating heads of churches, synods or dioceses will discern together and learn about:

  • The role of individual church leaders in a global communion
  • How to support one another
  • How to re-think the Reformation for today
  • What it means to be a member of the LWF

LWF staff will talk about programmatic work based in Geneva and Wittenberg.

Location: (Geneva, Switzerland and Wittenberg, Germany)

Time schedule


Time: 11:30 - 20:00 | GMT+02:00