“Freed by God’s love - to change the world” | Global Young Reformers Network Virtual Conference

31 Oct 2014
Open to All
Time: 15:00 - 18:00 | GMT+01:00

“Freed by God’s love- to change the world” is the first virtual conference of the LWF Global Young Reformers Network (GYRN) and is being held on Reformation Day 2014.

Keynote speeches, panel discussions and workshops will explore questions of Christian faith and Lutheran identity. Participants will be able to delve deeper in discussions in small groups.

Workshop topics include:

  • Foundations of the LWF foundations
  • Principle of youth participation
  • Identity and diversity of the Lutheran communion
  • Advocacy for climate justice
  • And many more…

There will be an online Reformation Day worship service. A special highlight will be a virtual choir bringing together dozens of singers via the Internet.

Participants will have the opportunity to vote on GYRN priorities.

Speakers include Rev. Martin Junge, LWF General Secretary; Ms Eun-Hae Kwon, LWF Vice-President for the Asia region; GYRN Steering Committee members; and members of the LWF delegation to the Interfaith Summit on Climate Change and UN Climate Summit 2014 held in New York in September

Young reformers and other interested people throughout the world are invited to take part in this 3-hour, interactive online event.

The conference will be held in two time blocks to facilitate participation regardless of time zone. To take part, visit conference.youngreformers.net.

Department: Department for Mission and Development

Programs: Capacity for Advocacy – Youth Advocacy, Transformative Leadership and Good Governance - Youth Leadership and Youth Participation, Reformation 2017

Language: English


Time: 15:00 - 18:00 | GMT+01:00