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LWF member churches confess the Triune God and proclaim the Word of God.

We are united in pulpit and altar fellowship.Our identity as Lutherans is rooted in the Bible and our history. Our member church contexts continue to shape our faith, theology and understanding of God’s mission.

LWF President Archbishop Dr Panti Filibus Musa. Photo: LWF
Archbishop Dr Panti Filibus Musa
Rev. Anne Burghardt
Rev. Anne Burghardt
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Interest Areas

Global Communion
We are a Lutheran commuion Living out our faith in church and society
Member Churches
Our churches represent over 75.5 million people from the Lutheran tradition
The LWF covers seven geographic regions and a diverse array of contexts
Areas of work
Theology, ecumenical & interfaith relations; holistic mission & service
There have been 12 Assemblies, our highes governing body
International Staff
International staff serve at our Geneva Office and in World Service program
Communion Office
Our Geneva office carries out tasks mandated by our governing bodies
Million EUR income
We receive funds from member churches and different partner organizations