Elf Theologinnen und Theologen mit Lehrauftrag, Studierende sowie Vertreterinnen und Vertretern der Mitgliedskirchen, beraten die Strategie für den Aufbau eines Netzwerks für theologische Aus- und Weiterbildung. Foto: LWB/S. Gallay

Theological education

Scholarships, capacity building and leadership development

Theological education and formation are at the heart of our Lutheran identity and essential to the shaping of our spiritual life, our identity and our mission.

In our local, national and regional contexts, member churches seek to build relationships with other churches and faith groups, as well as with wider civil society.

Through our Theological Education Formation (TEF) program, we help strengthen the competence and capacity of member churches, theological institutions and networks to respond to the challenges of our pluralistic societies.

Development of seminars by theological institutions to strengthen contextual theological education, sharing of resources and best practices

The Wittenberg Center, in the historic city of Wittenberg, Germany, runs seminars on Lutheran theology, maintains the Luthergarten as an opportunity for member churches to commemorate the Reformation, and helps enhance the experience of church groups visiting Wittenberg.