Privacy Policy

LWF is committed to protecting online privacy.

This policy governs all data collected through the LWF website ( and stored by the LWF.

The LWF collects data in connection with recruitment, online donation, and events hosted by the LWF and its member churches.

Personal data collected through the LWF websites is used for analytics, to manage online donations and to provide users with information they have requested.

The LWF may collect data such as location and type of device used from website visitors. Such data can be stored for up to 48 months. The LWF does not collect information identifying users personally (such as name, address, phone number or e-mail address) unless that information is voluntarily disclosed. The LWF may request information that identifies users personally for the purpose of providing them with specific services they request, such as online applications.

Personal data (e.g. name, age, gender) collected on web forms such as questionnaires will only be stored for the length of time specified on those forms. Personal data supplied in this way is only shared with third parties to provide users of the website with services they have requested.

Personal data (e.g. name, age, gender) provided through LWF’s online recruitment platform will be stored for the purpose of the application. It is not shared with third parties without the written consent of each applicant.

The LWF does not distribute, sell or rent user information. Users have the right to receive information about their data. Users have the right to have their personal information deleted at any time.

The LWF will not disclose any information identifying users personally, except with their explicit permission or where required by law. This policy is updated regularly.


Updated on 26/11/2020