Responsible stewardship

LWF is committed to transparency in our aims, processes, decisions, and use of resources and to being accountable to the people we serve, our member churches, partners, and donors.

The Complaint Form can be used to alert the LWF to an incident or a concern. All information shall be held securely and confidentiality shall be maintained at all times.

LWF Council 2022 - Session on finances, budget and Endowment Fund

Session on finances, budget and Endowment Fund during the LWF Council 2022 in Geneva. Photo: LWF/S. Gallay

In 2022, the LWF spent 85 percent of its total operating expenses in initiatives that directly benefited people confronted with varying humanitarian need, and in strengthening the churches’ capacity for holistic mission.


Development work in Cameroon. Photo: LWF/C. Kästner

The LWF commits to demonstrating its accountability in every aspect of its work. This is the reason why we regularly request independent recognized organisms to audit our work. The certification process provides organizations like the LWF with independent, external assessment, leading to issuing certifications of compliance to the higher standards.

LWF Poland center in Gdansk

Staff at the Gdansk refugee center. Photo: LWF/Krysztof Tylicki

The LWF carries out it's mission through strategic partnerships and networks, because as a Communion of Churches, we recognize that is more effective when we work with others.