Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council is the principal United Nations body responsible for promoting and protecting human rights around the globe. It is made up of 47 UN member states and meets three times a year to discuss issues and countries that need its attention.

During council meetings, civil society organizations with ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) status, such as the LWF, can take part by delivering oral statements or submitting written statements to raise human rights concerns. The council also provides space for ECOSOC-accredited civil society groups to organize side events during its meetings to discuss in greater depth the issues in focus at the council and therefore enable the views and concerns of civil society to shape the decisions of the council.

The LWF strives to bring grassroots voices and concerns to the council through oral and written statements, side events or by lobbying diplomats in Geneva. We work closely with ecumenical partners and other civil society organizations to ensure the council delivers on its mandate to promote full implementation of human rights obligations undertaken by states.