The ceiling of the Human Rights Council, in the Palais des Nations where sessions typically take place. Photo: LWF/C. Kästner

Human Rights

Promoting human dignity, justice, and peace

In all our human rights advocacy, we hold governments accountable for their human rights obligations, particularly in the context of international United Nations frameworks.

Building on the needs and experiences of the communities we serve, we engage with and contribute to national, regional and international human rights mechanisms.

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LWF advocacy milestones

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1947 – The first resolution of the First LWF Assembly (Lund, Sweden) concerns refugees

1952 – The LWF gains formal consultative status with the United Nations

1977 – LWF declares that apartheid must be rejected as a matter of faith

1984 – Seventh LWF Assembly (Budapest, Hungary) is the first global Christian meeting behind the Iron Curtain

1990 – LWF plays a vital role in Namibia’s transition to independence

1996 – LWF helps start negotiations leading to an end of the Guatemalan civil war

1997 – LWF is part of International Campaign to Ban Land Mines

2012 – An all-youth LWF delegation advocates at the UN Climate Change conferences (COP18 in Doha, Katar)