Youth gather for a pre-council meeting, in anticipation of the Lutheran World Federation council meeting 2019. Photo: LWF/Albin Hillert


Equipping and supporting young leaders

The LWF Youth Program empowers and supports youth leaders across the communion and works with the member churches to include youth more fully in leadership as well.

This cross-cutting work is done in collaboration with partners across the LWF, and is currently coordinated primarily through the work of the following programs.

LWF Youth Priorities 2018 – 2024: Revival of Churches, Equity, and Education

"We affirm the current efforts for climate justice through activities, such as #fastfortheclimate and the work done toward increased youth participation within the communion. These initiatives will continue as cross-cutting themes. Moving forward, we have named three key priorities to shape the next phase of LWF Youth work: the revival of churches, equity, and education."
     — Youth Message to the LWF Twelfth Assembly

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