Measuring Outcomes

Collective Outcome Framework

World Service has translated its Programmatic Framework into a set of concrete changes that it would like to see as a result of its work. This is called a Collective Outcome Framework (COF).

In essence, the COF consists of 21 Collective Outcomes and 90 Collective Outcome Indicators, clustered according to our three Programmatic Areas: Livelihoods, Quality Services, and Protection & Social Cohesion. All LWF Country Programs report annually on a sub-set of these Collective Outcomes and Indicators, reflecting the emphasis of their work in their own specific context.

Once a year, COF data from all Country Programs is put together at the global level, allowing World Service to assess progress towards its Global Strategy, and gather useful information to profile its work externally too.

Explore World Service’s Collective Outcome Framework

This interactive online tool has been created to introduce the COF to LWF staff, donors and other interested parties, including monitoring and evaluation experts from peer organizations. It provides both a visual overview of the COF, as well as detailed definitions of each Collective Outcome and Indicator, including data collection and calculation methods.