Transformative Engagement for the Common Good

Public Theology

Witnessing to our faith through engagement in the public space

During the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the LWF, as a global family of churches, reaffirmed that our engagement in the public space is a vital element of what it means to be Lutheran today.

Public engagement is the church’s ongoing response to the freedom we receive in Christ to love and serve our neighbor in need.

By engaging with issues of common interest, we seek to build the common good and fulfill our calling to be prophetic voices for transformation within our societies.

Our work builds on the LWF’s two strategic priorities of “supporting churches’ vibrant presence and witness in the world” and “promoting human dignity justice and peace”.

Our goal is to provide a space and encourage theological reflection grounded in practical congregational experience and engagement in civil society.

Our intention is to present our Christian faith and values in ways that can be understood by people of all faiths and none.

Our commitment is to strengthening the public space as a place of equal access, safety and meaningful participation for all, especially the marginalized and most vulnerable.

Open-Access Public Theology Resources