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Finances in 2020

LWF World Service finances in 2020

Zewo certified since 2019, an official Swiss quality certification, LWF-World Service is committed to handling finances with integrity, accountability and transparency. Donors can trust that their support reaches the communities that are most in need. In 2020, LWF World Service’s income was €136 million. 96% of the expenditure was allocated to our operations.


Income for the year was €136 million, representing a reduction of 14% as compared to 2019. The decline is attributed to the operational restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our total expenditure for the year was €133 million. It represents a 2% reduction from 2019. Coordination expenditure in Geneva was only 4% (5.3 million) of the global expenditure while 96% (127.7 million) of the expenditure was dedicated to field projects.

Disclosure of expenditure classification

In order to provide additional disclosures required by the Swiss ZEWO certification (Zentralstelle für Wohlfahrtsunternehmen), specific schedules have been added to the consolidated financial audit statements.

WS Finance Income by donors 2020

Income by donors

24.4% of the income was generated from our Related Organizations (€33 million), 16.6% from United Nations agencies (€23 million) and 10.6% from Government donors (€14 million) while 38.8% (€53 million) of the income relates to Augusta Victoria hospital in Jerusalem. LWF World Service also received €3 million from ecumenical partners and LWF Member Churches (1.9%). Other international organizations provided the rest of the income (0.7%).

WS Finance Expenditure by Strategic Objectives 2020

Expenditure by Strategic Objectives

In line with our 2019-2024 strategic goals, 23% of the expenditure went into Quality Services, 15% in Livelihoods while 13% was spent on Protection and Social Cohesion. Augusta Victoria hospital accounted for 38% of the expenditure. In general, there was marginal reduction in expenditure within the strategic priority areas except Protection and Social Cohesion. This was due to new COVID-19 response projects.  

WS Finance Table ZEWO classification 2020

Table ZEWO Classification

Schedule of expenditures allocated in accordance with ZEWO classification (standard 9) for the year ended 31 December 2020 (EUR)

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