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Chad has experienced chronic instability since its independence in 1960 and was heavily affected by conflicts in neighboring countries like Sudan, the Central African Republic, Libya, and more recently Northern Cameroon, Nigeria, and Niger (Boko Haram conflict).

The high influx of refugees from Sudan and CAR into Chad in recent years has become a protracted situation with long-term implications. The situation has been made worse by the outbreak of the conflict in Sudan in April 2023, with hundreds of thousands crossing the border to Chad for safety. The current refugee crisis comes a a time where refugees and host communities are already challenged to share resources, live together and improve their livelihoods.

Chad is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking 186th position (of 188) on the Human Development Index. 55 percent of the population live in poverty. The majority of the Chadian population does not have access to social protection, health, education, justice, employment, and good governance.

In Chad since July 2007, LWF World Service is supporting refugees from Sudan, Nigeria, and Central African Republic (CAR) as well as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), returnees, and host communities. LWF Chad’s work relies on three programmatic areas: Livelihoods, Quality Services, and Protection & Social Cohesion. Additionally, the country program focuses on Gender Justice and Climate Justice as focus areas to increase operations’ impact. These programmatic areas underline our 2019-2024 global strategy.

Updated 8 February 2024

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