European Diaconal Process

The European Diaconal Process

Since 2010

Conviviality, “the art and practice of living together” has become a core concept and guiding vision for local diakonia in the three European regions of The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) since 2010. Based on vocation, justice and dignity, conviviality invites churches to jointly reflect on the meaning of a diaconal church and diaconal life in diversity. Three core thematic components—conviviality in practice, convivial economy and convivial theology—have been identified to further the work with the conviviality concept. Activities that affirm diversity, being open and making a contribution to public discourse and policy are part of the ongoing work among churches in the regions. The LWF works in partnership with the International Academy for Diaconia and Social Action (Interdiac), the Těšín, Czech-based agency that promotes learning, networking, and research and development for diakonia and social action among churches in Central and Eastern Europe.