A Shift in Jewish-Lutheran Relations? (Documentation 48)

Jewish-Lutheran dialogue deals with fundamental issues pertaining to coexistence and relationships in light of Christian hostility toward the Jews. The 1984 LWF Assembly signaled a new start in the dialogue between Jews and Lutherans, and the 2001 consultation was a manifestation of this breakthrough and an exhortation not to forget the common commitment to end “the justifiable bitterness and defensiveness that have plagued Lutheran-Jewish relations.” The essays in this collection testify to this turning point that the 1984 Assembly had foreseen.

Publisher: The Lutheran World Federation

Series: Documentation 48

Department: DTPW

Pages: 209

Editors: Wolfgang Greive and Peter N. Prove

Languages: English, German

A Shift in Jewish-Lutheran Relations? (Documentation 48)
Publication date: May 2002