One Body, One Spirit, One Hope

A Reader – LWF Thirteenth Assembly theme 


This Reader explores the LWF Thirteenth Assembly theme. The authors, all members of LWF member churches in different regions, narrate experiences from their contexts by developing constructive theological responses to the: 

  • Role of the Holy Spirit in inspiring Scripture and illuminating its reading. 
  • Meaning of communion in the midst of growing awareness of plurality or reconciled diversity, which sometimes is feared as a threat to unity. 
  • Problems of exclusion which create marginalization, racism, oppression, gender-based violence, and wars. 
  • Tendency to separate God’s creative act from God’s redemptive act, or human beings from the rest of creation. 
  • Call to care for God’s creation, the whole cosmos, in view of reconciliation and for future generations. 

Pages: 104 

Editors:  The Lutheran World Federation  

Languages: EN  

One Body, One Spirit, One Hope 
Editor: The Lutheran World Federation
Pages: 104
Publication date: September 2023