LWF Advocacy Framework

Action for Justice from Local to Global

The LWF considers advocacy as part and parcel of its holistic mission. This milestone publication explores the theological foundations for the communion's advocacy from the perspective of Lutheran theology and identity. It also offers reflections on the added value of advocacy for the member churches and LWF’s international humanitarian and development arm, World Service.

The advocacy framework highlights the priority areas of climate, gender, peacebuilding, human rights and humanitarian work.

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Note: Other languages to be added soon: German and French

LWF Advocacy Framework
Editor: Isaiah Toroitich
ISBN: 978-2-940642-37-3 (English), 978-2-940642-42-7 (Spanish), 978-2-940642-56-4 (French), 978-2-940642-45-8 (German)
Pages: 36
Publication date: February 2022