Journeys from the Crossroads

Stories on living, studying, and doing theology

Journeys from the Crossroads: Stories on living, studying, and doing theology is a unique publication as it brings to our attention a much-needed student-centered perspective.  The contributions by LWF scholarship holders enrich the global discussion on theological education and formation.

The stories of the nine LWF scholarship holders are honest and authentic narratives of their educational journey.  They offer insights into life behind the scenes where students reflect on their lived experiences and how studying theology has transformed their thoughts, lives and faith.

Furthermore, the analysis provided in the last chapter addresses the common factors that influence  how the students experienced their formation. It is a call for member churches and theological institutions to study further the findings addressed in this publication and to revisit qualitative models, means and methods of theological education and formation.


Journeys from the Crossroads - EN
Editor: Katariina Kiilunen, Hans-Christoph Thapelo Lange
Pages: 100
Publication date: September 2023