The people of Sudan need peace and solidarity

25 May 2023

The LWF President and General Secretary condemn violence and call for peace in Sudan. They have asked Lutherans around the world to pray for peace in Sudan this coming Sunday.

Sudan - call for peace

The LWF President and General Secretary condemn violence and call for peace in Sudan. Photo: Colin Delfosse/UNHCR

Call for global prayer 

(LWI) - The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) leaders have reiterated their condemnations of violence in Sudan and are with every sense of urgency calling for the restoration of peace that allows the people of Sudan to resume their normal way of living. They are also calling for solidarity with the people of Sudan. 

Issuing an urgent call for peace and solidarity with the people of Sudan.  

Recent reports indicate that there appears to be “relative peace” in Khartoum and its neighboring cities after the truce brokered earlier this week.  

“The ceasefire is a step in the right direction, but what the people of Sudan need is long-term peace and real solidarity,” said LWF President Archbishop Dr Panti Filibus Musa and LWF General Secretary Rev. Dr Anne Burghardt.  

“The international community must act decisively to help resolve the conflict and ensure the protection of the people of Sudan, including aid workers providing essential services. We condemn all forms of violence and destruction of civilian infrastructure,” they added. 

The conflict in Sudan broke out in mid-April. According to reports more than one million people have fled their homes. Many have fled to neighboring countries. LWF is currently responding to the crisis in the Sudanese border areas of Chad and South Sudan and has called for donations to support that work. 

Prayer for peace in Sudan 

The LWF leaders are also calling on Lutherans worldwide to pray for peace in Sudan on Pentecost Sunday, recalling how strangers and people from many different backgrounds were brought together on this day. As a communion of churches, the LWF stands in solidarity with all who suffer from the current violence. 

God of all mercy, the people of Sudan are threatened by violent conflict, they fear for their safety, their homes, and country. Comfort and protect them. Sustain them in the midst of adversity. Give leaders wisdom to work against war and for a just peace. Shelter those who have fled their homes. Thanks be to you for all who welcome refugees and displaced people, offering support and care. 

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.

LWF/A. Danielsson