Hong Kong: Youth produce video series with Biblical messages

11 Apr 2024

A video series based on texts from the Gospel of John seeks to encourage and empower young people in Hong Kong.

With a new video series, the ELCHK aims to reach young people with the Gospel. Photo: ELCHK

With a new video series, the ELCHK aims to reach young people with the Gospel. Photo: ELCHK

Young evangelists reflect on faith

(LWI) - A new initiative from the youth desk of The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong (ELCHK) aims to reach young people aims to reach young people with the Gospel and strengthen their faith.

From 1 April to 16 May, five young evangelists – Patrina To Mei Ling, Odin Chun Sing Long, Felix Cheung Yuk Tai, Grace Lau Yuk Ling, and Keith Kwan Wing Kei – present the series comprising 14 videos. They are all graduates of the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong. AI-generated manga-style illustrations help translate the message into vivid pictures. Subtitles in Chinese and English make the videos easily accessible to viewers.

The Biblical texts come from the Gospel of John’s famous “I am” passages. “I am the light of the world” (John 8:12) is also the theme of the first video of the series titled “I’m/I’m not…”.

“With the seven ‘I am’ verses, we want to show Christ’s identity to young people in our congregations and beyond,” explains Rev. Ida Law from the ELCHK. “And with seven ‘I am not’ contributions, we want to correct the definitions given to us by the world and society in general.”

The ELCHK’s youth empowerment project, supported by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), aims to strengthen the faith of young believers. Also, young people are encouraged to communicate and share knowledge and experience. With this project, the ELCHK strives to increase the number of young leaders and strengthen the capacity of the youth in leadership and administration.

Last year, ELCHK youth produced a “Thankful Lutherans” video series. “The responses we received encouraged us to design another series this year,” said Law.

LWF/A. Weyermüller