Participants in the 2022 Peace Messengers training

LWF Peace Messengers Training

Last call for applications: 10 March 2024

Currently there are no open calls for this campaign

Youth in LWF’s member churches are invited to apply for this Peace Messengers Training, to be held, 1–6 May in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

They will reflect on the spiritual calling to peace building, learn from professionals in the field, exchange with peers, and mobilize to build peace in their own contexts. Youth priorities named at the 2023 LWF Assembly will be a major part of the training. 

Participants will represent all LWF regions. After the training, they will be required to implement small projects in their home contexts, through LWF Youth grants. 

Applicants must:  

  1. Have experience in church leadership and familiarity with LWF’s values and theological commitments;  
  2. Commit to set aside time to organize and implement a local peace leadership project; 
  3. Submit an endorsement letter from their member church’s national office.